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Dedicated Cloud / Inperson365

Dedicated Cloud Server

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This service is recommended for any size companies

Want the best of both worlds? Get your own dedicated server in our cloud and don't worry about deployments or investing in additional infrastructure

The Dedicated server creates one secure place to make for your company, to send and retrieve secure files and emails.

The Dedicated Cloud Server has a high user acceptance rate by offering the customer full control over the server without investing in additional resources. We will deliver you a fully deployed server in our cloud and give you a key to own it.

All features are included, including the option to fully customize the server's portal to match your match our company's image.

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Fit For 
All Types of 

What makes Inperson365 so Universal? Our software can be incorporated into any job. If your field of work is not listed here - don't worry, Contact us and we will let you know how you can benefit from using Inperson365.

Legal Department


- Agreements

- Confidential Agreements 


Strategic Documents 

- Agreements 

Marketing Department

Photos (Raw Format)

- Video Files 

- Graphics

- Press Release


Stratigic Documents 

- Agreements


Negotiations with banks 

- Budget Planning 

- Invoice Dispatch 

-Proof of release 

Human Resources

Personal Data 

- Application Process

- Payroll 

Here Are A Few Reasons
Why You Should Choose Inperson365 

Evitar la TI en la sombra

Los empleados a menudo necesitan enviar archivos adjuntos de gran tamaño, más grandes de lo que puede soportar el correo electrónico normal. 

Para pequeñas empresas

La gran solución para un presupuesto reducido.

La comunicación segura a menudo se ve comprometida por la falta de infraestructura de TI, un presupuesto reducido o recursos insuficientes. 

Correo electrónico compatible con GDPR

Nuestra clasificación de datos crea un conjunto de herramientas fácil para los usuarios, lo que promueve el conocimiento de la seguridad del correo electrónico y garantiza una protección duradera contra las sanciones por cumplimiento.

Cumplimiento de TI

La descripción general de qué archivos se enviaron a qué destinatarios y cuándo fueron descargados por qué destinatario.  

High User Acceptance 

Exchange confidential messages and files with Inperson365 for Outlook/OWA/Notes. 

Costs Under Control 

Email attachments can be extracted from the emails — archived and sent securely via our Inperson365 server.

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